Facial Abuse Lindsay


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Facial Abuse Lindsay is getting face painted with cum. The blonde hair of Lindsay is tied in a bun. Her head is thrown back. Lindsay has her mouth wide open. This blonde haired girl is trying to catch all the stuff coming out of the penis. One ear has lot of silver earrings pierced on it. There is a black string wrapped around her neck. Lindsay is sitting down on the floor beside a beige sofa. Lindsay’s partner is standing above her. One of his legs is on the floor. The other leg is bent and planted on the couch.

Facial Abuse Lindsay Layne


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Facial Abuse Lindsay Layne is being abused. Her face is being distorted. Lindsay Layne is bending down on the edge of the bed. The blonde girl is using her hands for support. Her boobs are hanging and they are uneven. Her tits are pointing down. The guy is riding her from behind. Both of his hands are opening Lindsay Layne’s mouth. His fingers are inside her mouth. The bed is covered with red and green thick cushion. The window is covered with red velvet curtain. On one side of the room is a green couch. There are a lot of clothes hanging from it.

Facial Abuse Michelle


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Facial Abuse Michelle is getting her face stretched up to the limits. It is truly a facial abuse. Michelle is on the edge and her hands are supporting her body. Her boobs have funny shape to it. They are like uneven. Her tits are erect and hard. The guy is acting like he is riding a horse. His fingers are inside Michelle’s mouth. The room is simple. The red curtain is matching the red mattress. There is a green couch on one side of the room. One of the guy’s legs is placed on top of the bed. He is wearing socks.

Facial Abuse Mona Lisa


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Facial Abuse Mona Lisa looks like she is forced to the huge penis. Mona lisa is doing an awkward position just put the penis inside her mouth. Her red hair is really messy. Mona lisa is bending down just to reach the huge penis. The guy is standing in front of her. The guy has her two hands on Mona Lisa’s head. He is pushing the red head to his dick. Mona lisa has a tattoo on his side of the body. Mona lisa is closing her eyes. Behind the couple wall painted in white. There is a window behind Mona Lisa.

Facial Abuse Moxxie Maddron


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Facial Abuse Moxxie Maddron is surrounded by two huge penises. Moxxie Maddron is still wearing uniform costume. Moxxie Maddron is wearing white top paired with red plaid skirt. Moxxie Maddron is wearing black high heel shoes. The black haired girl is completely accessorized with earrings and gold hoop earrings. Moxxie Maddron is sucking the penis in front of her. There is another guy standing on the couch. He is still wearing his rubber shoes. The huge and erect penis is over her head. Moxxie Maddron is sitting on the beige leather couch. The floor is covered with off white carpet.

Facial Abuse Kennedy


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Facial Abuse Kennedy is licking two penises. Kennedy is trying to put them inside her small mouth. This blonde with blue eyes is holding the penises with her two hands. Her fingers are supporting the erect penis. Kennedy is wearing hoop earrings. The guy on the left is completely naked and he is holding his cock right at her. The other guy is covering the pubic area with white cloth. The penis is sticking out from it. Kennedy is wearing a necklace with heart shape pendant. Kennedy is kneeling down in between two men. The wall behind her is painted in orange.

Facial Abuse Nadi


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Facial Abuse Nadi is looking uncomfortable as white stuff is coming on her face. Nadi has brown and curly hair. Nadi is wearing brown glasses. It is paired up with hoop earrings. The guy is standing over hair. He is spurting white stuff all over her face. He is holding his penis and pointing it on her face. There is cum on her hair, forehead, glasses, and chin area. One of her hand is resting on her neck area. Nadi has pink lips and the cute girl is kind of smiling. Nadi is sitting in front of a grey couch.

Facial Abuse Nancy


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Facial Abuse Nancy is sucking penis and at the same time fingering her pussy. The guy is standing over head. One leg is on the floor. The other leg is bent down and positioned on the bed. Nancy has a lot of tattoo on her arm. The leg of nancy is wide open and she is inserting a finger on her pussy. The balls of the guy are covering her face. Nancy is leaning on the bed with nice cover. She is sitting on a white towel placed on the floor. The windows are covered with red curtains. The floor is covered with grey carpet.

Facial Abuse Naomi


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Facial Abuse Naomi is not ready to take in white stuff on the face. However the penis exploded on her face. Naomi is a brown hair tied in a loose ponytail. The penis is right in front of her. The guy is holding his long penis. The tip of the penis is white. Naomi just finished sucking the penis. Saliva is coming out of her mouth. Naomi has sperm on her forehead, eyes to her chin. Her mouth is slightly open. Naomi is closing her eyes as cum is all over her. Naomi is sitting on the floor beside white leather couch.

Facial Abuse Randi


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Facial Abuse Randi is looking at the huge cock before taking it in. Randi has long blonde hair. It is loose to add to her sexiness. Randy is wearing long earring and chain necklace. The cute girl is wearing pink halter top. Randi is wearing makeup. Her eyes are painted with pink eye shadow and black eye liner. Randi is wearing light lip stick. The penis in front of her is huge and erect. Randi is like talking to it before putting the penis inside her mouth. Randi is kneeling down beside a window. It is covered with flowered curtains.